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Gemini and BITRIA have joined forces to fully integrate BITRIA’s industry-leading crypto portfolio management platform with Gemini’s institutional-grade custody and exchange capabilities. The addition of BITRIA’s technology creates a unique destination for advisors looking to access the entire crypto ecosystem and manage their clients’ portfolios from a single platform.

Asset managers

Create and manage portfolios for multiple wealth management and/or institutional firms through the Separately Managed Account (SMA) Structure. This includes the ability to create a wide range of strategies from simple Bitcoin and Ethereum allocations through to DeFi and ESG to match the risk-reward appetites of a diverse base of investors.

Wealth managers

Manage client portfolios directly or outsource to an SMA Asset Manager using the platform. The SMA option allows advisors to offer their clients all the benefits of owning the underlying digital assets and access to more than 40 asset choices, without needing to have an in-depth crypto experience through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Benefits of BITRIA

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Are you looking to trade cryptos on Gemini with a debit card? Well, you can easily add a debit card to your Gemini Login account in case you have the Gemini login and debit card details. Here on this page, we are going to discuss the way to buy and sell cryptos on the Gemini exchange with the help of a debit card. Make sure that the card that you are using has sufficient balance and it is active or not. In case you are not logged in to your Gemini login account then you need to provide the username and password details on the login page to access the account. Now, check whether your mobile or computer is connected to the internet, and then you need to keep reading this post.Way to trade on Gemini exchange with a debit card via mobileIf you are using a mobile to trade on the Gemini exchange then you need to follow the steps that are given below:
  • 1.If required, go to the App or Play Store to find and install Gemini mobile app
  • 2.Now, you need to open the app and access your Gemini login account
  • 3.After that, go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ section of your Gemini account
  • 4.Now, click on the ‘Buy’ button and then choose crypto to trade
  • 5.Enter the required details and then type your debit card details
  • 6.Now, you need to complete the security verification to finish the process
Method to trade on Gemini with a debit card via computerIn case you are using a computer, do the following to trade on Gemini with a debit card:
  • 1.Open a browser and then go to the Gemini.com/login page
  • 2.Now, type the Gemini login details and click the ‘Login’ button
  • 3.Find and click on the ‘Buy/Sell’ button to proceed
  • 4.Now, choose the crypto that you want to trade
  • 5.Then, choose the ‘Debit Card’ option when you are asked to choose a payment method
  • 6.Now, fill up the debit card details and then complete the security verification to add it
ConclusionTo sum up, users who have set up their Gemini profile can easily start trading with the help of its app or website. To buy a cryptocurrency, you need to choose a payment option. On Gemini exchange, there are different payment options and you can also use your debit card to buy cryptos on it. Surely, this read has given you the idea to trade on the Gemini exchange by referring to this post.

For illustrative purposes only. Not based on actual client data.

Own the Underlying Digital Assets
Tax advantages, No premium risk.
Diverse Selection of Asset Choices from BTC to DeFi
Customize strategies to risk-reward profiles with more than 40 available assets.
Actively Managed Portfolios
On-demand or scheduled rebalancing with BITRIA’s unique lowest-cost-path rebalancing engine.
Institutional Grade Custody and Compliance
Gemini is a fiduciary and qualified custodian under New York Banking Law and is licensed by the State of New York to custody digital assets. Gemini is the first digital asset platform to achieve the SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certification.
Fully Integrated Reporting
Firms and their clients can view their crypto portfolios alongside traditional assets in all popular portfolio reporting systems.
Simplified Onboarding
Fully digital onboarding experience for advisors and their clients with API-driven automation and dedicated client support.
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